Frequently asked Questions

How does the rental system work?

At Garden Villages, residency is offered under a simple ‘Residential Tenancy Agreement’, this is a typical form of agreement that is used state-wide for any type of rental accommodation. Basically you pay a weekly fee for your accommodation in the form of rent. Your rent will also cover rates, maintenance (excluding your private courtyard), gardening, whitegoods, security and water, and you have the option to include meal and service packages should you require them.

There are no expensive up front fees, you will only need to pay a bond, to the value of four weeks worth of rent. This is held at the state bond authority and is refundable at the end of your tenancy.

When you decide to vacate, certain timelines need to be adhered to – depending on your circumstances and the Residential Tenancy Act in the State you live in.

How long would I need to sign a lease for?

The minimum lease period is 6 months, and you are welcome to come and try living in our villages for this period of time. If you are looking for something more stable, then we can certainly provide longer lease periods of up to 2 years, which can be renewed.

Can I get financial assistance from Centre link?

If you are on a pension or benefit from Centrelink or Veterans Affairs, then you may be entitled to receive rent assistance. You will need to discuss this directly with Centrelink.

Can I get assistance with care in the village?

At Garden Villages we do require that you are able to live independently, however if you do have a care assistance package (HAC) in place you can certainly bring this with you when you move into the village. We can also install an emergency call system in your unit should you require it.

Can my family come and stay with me?

At Garden Villages we are happy for your friends and family to come and stay with you in the village. We do encourage that you make the Village Manager aware that you have guests staying, for health and safety reasons.

We also have options available if your family would like to stay at the village in their own unit, and you are welcome to discuss this with the Village Manager.

Can I bring my pet?

At Garden Villages we want you to feel comfortable and happy in your own home and understand that pets are a very important part of your life. Therefore, you are welcome to bring small pets (up to 10kg) with you when you move into the village.

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